Luxetips Style! Slip Into New Trends With Lulu Slippers

Luxetips Style! Slip Into New Trends With Lulu Slippers

I have to admit, I was not really on board with the new slipper trend. Those slippers are highly reminiscent of the house shoes that my Grandfather wears. I am not keen on men wearing them; however, I do like the look on women, particularly when the toe is slightly shorter than the more trendier versions and when worn with ankle-length pants and casual knit sweaters. There is an entire range of overpriced ones, – cute but overpriced. When trends are relatively new and of the moment,  you may not want to immediately jump on the bandwagon and hand over your entire paycheck. Lulu’s has the perfect answer to that.  Enter the Qupid Strip 27 Blue Velvet Loafer Flats  and Qupid  Strip 27 Camel Leopard Velvet Loafer Flats, two pair of $ 26.00 slippers. The tongue of the shoe is short,  just the way I like. The leopard pair will spice up any neutral outfit and give your look some flirty Mrs. Robinson flair. The velvet pair is a more classic take on the trend. Both looks can be found at Lulu’s for $ 26.00.

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