Luxetips Style! Stella and Dot Charm Obsession

Luxetips Style! Stella and Dot Charm Obsession

Hello Divas!

I heard a great sermon on Sunday about letting go of the past and starting anew.  As my son says, “LIGMO”…Let It Go Move On.

I am in love with Stella and Dot and because of my Stella and Dot hosting parties was able to get a significant haul.  Did you know if you host a Stella and Dot party you get money in jewelry credit based on how much sales your party generates? Love it!

Well my new obsession are Stella and Dot charms.  You can add them to a bracelet or necklace and they are adorable.  They are all sterling silver and simply classic.

Check out mine:

I have the initial “L”, because that is me and a cross because I can’t live without my faith in God. I love the Lord.

They have so many options.  Be sure to check them out here.



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