Luxetips Style: Studded Accessories

Luxetips Style: Studded Accessories

Hello Divas!

Chamele is back bringing us the latest on all things fabulous.  Yeah!
I recently inquired about the place to get the best studs. My fellow artisan  friend immediately sent this link to  Mesmeric Matter Supplies, a shop on Etsy,  and inquired why everyone had chosen that particular week to ask her about studs. “Are studs in?” she asked. As an artisan and trend-setter, she  always has her nose to the grindstone and  follows her heart instead of the dictates of trends. “Why yes!” I replied and sent her the links to all of my favorite studded accessories which included, a pair of Valentino gloves moto gloves and a pair of open toe Brian Atwood stilettos, both of which  I cannot afford. 
Luxe Divas, Trendy accessories are the kind of things we have to save on. Because they are in today and out tomorrow. So what do we to do? A little DIY (please note I am not touting copyright infringement at all.) Try purchasing a pair of these Samella stilettos from Aldo for only $31.49  Then just add your studs.  
If I can find some time, I may stud a purse and some shoes. When and if I do, I will  let you know how it goes. If you are not a DIY-er or if you are preoccupied with the holidays, try these trendy yet affordable chic looks:
The Sermoneta gloves ,$124.00, at Farfetch
The Two Lips Suzie Sandal, $39.95, DSW.

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