Luxetips Style! Tahari Arthur S. Levine Brand Now Available In All Sizes!

Luxetips Style!  Tahari Arthur S. Levine Brand Now Available In All Sizes!

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One of my absolute favorite women’s professional attire brands, Tahari Arthur S. Levine is now available in all sizes.  Whoohoo!

When I became a new lawyer working in New York City, I would always purchase Tahari Arthur S. Levine suits for work.  Why?  Because they are the most stylish and high quality suits in the women’s professional market for affordable prices!  I still have most of my Tahari Arthur S. Levine suits.  These suits have lasted over a 15 year period. This is a true testament to the quality of the brand! So luxe!

Tahari Arthur S. Levine uses the finest materials such as crepe wool, detailed stitching and superb cuts.  These suits are simply divine and affordable.  Love, love, love this brand.

Tahari Arthur S. Levine has expanded its brand to include beautiful dresses and gorgeous suited separates to its line.  The brand has also expanded to include plus -sizes! Amazing!  Now Tahari Arthur S. Levine makes beautiful clothes for all women in all sizes. Fab!

Check out some of the pieces!


Love these pieces

6120M831_1_NAVY 6120M699_1_WHITE

Dresses retail at $118.00


6180M175_1_CRYSTAL_YELLOW 6180M963_1_BLUSH_PINK 6180M919_1_BLACK 6180M804_1_NAVY_IVORY

Suits retail at $140.00

Plus Sizes

6129L376_1_SPRING_NAVY 6160L919_1_BLACK

As you can see, Tahari Arthur S. Levine women’s professional attire is affordable, stylish and so luxe! Be sure to visit their website here to purchase one of their divine pieces!



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13 Responses to “Luxetips Style! Tahari Arthur S. Levine Brand Now Available In All Sizes!”

  1. Those are some great looking outfits. They are perfect for the professional women, or on those days when you need to dress professionally.

  2. Catherine Sargent June 9, 2016 at 7:56 pm

    Those are some really nice outfits. I will have to go and look at their site. I could use some new clothes.

  3. I’m loving the suits! They’re super stylish and very professional looking. This sounds like a great brand!

  4. I’m so excited that they now make plus sizes! I used to wear Tahari suits when I was smaller and I’m excited that I can buy them again!!!

  5. Amy Desrosiers June 9, 2016 at 8:40 pm

    These are super cute casual outfits. I can see them being ideal for business trips too!

  6. Those suits look really nice! Sometimes I miss dressing professional.

  7. That’s great that they have a wider selection. The outfits are simply gorgeous!

  8. I love all of the selections and colors – looks like I need to do some shopping 😉

  9. I have yet to purchase a suit for myself. These are way cute, definitely need to grab one

  10. Love those outfits… some great looks and classic so they can be worn several times without standing out.

  11. I love your picks, they are really great for office jobs. I am a work at home mom but sometimes I want to dress up like I am going to the office.

  12. Wow, these are some nice styles.
    Hilary Clinton could do well by following some of your style advice! 🙂

  13. Those are great pieces. Totally in style, but timeless also. I don’t get dressed up often, but need some in my wardrobe.

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