Luxetips Style! Tibi Has the Perfect Ensemble for a First Date!

Luxetips Style! Tibi Has the Perfect Ensemble for a First Date!

Recently, I was asking a friend what does one wear on a first date. Yep! Even your favorite fashionistas will come up with blank stares when it comes to questions about what to wear to an emotionally charged event (first date, wedding, meeting the parents, graduation, death). Totally, first-world issues, right. But, first dates are extremely emotionally charged events.

My very sage and minimalist friend gave me the best piece of fashion advice (that doubled as some good dating advice). She said, “Wear what you would wear if you and I were going out to kick it during happy hour.”

How simple for little ole complicated me. It was some of the wisest fashion advice and dating advice. Essentially, Sage Sally was saying, “be friends first.” She elaborated on her suggestion: This is someone you don’t know and don’t necessarily need to impress. Her advice hit home. Perhaps I didn’t need to be told to wear (that’s a rare occasion), but just a simple reminder to be myself.

The only way I would have been comfortable is if I had worn what made me happy, which is typically what I do on an ordinary day, so why would I change for this date? I’ll tell you why? women are women, and men are men, and people are people who have legitimate emotions and they want to attract a mate and hormones make us all crazy and drive our behavior including consumer behavior. And this consumer was contemplating a brand-new outfit for a first date… breathe.

So, the question remains, “what does one wear on a first date, especially when they live in a city where it is 78 in the morning and 38 at night and 90 the next day and one groundhog saw his shadow and the other one did not see his shadow (you get my drift). My answer: my standard not trying too hard to please but I clean up well look which is equivalent to something that is both comfortable, cute, and not overtly sexy, and semi-warm but won’t make your blood boil. I like feminine touches that don’t scream, “Touch me,” but maybe just whisper it. Lol. That is just my personal preference. But if you want to be safe, my suggestion for a date night, a nice fitted boatneck or dressy button down tunic, dark denim (or maybe white for summer) and boots for winter or strappy flats for summer). Feel free to share yours. I am always open for suggestions. Here’s a cute boatneck by Tibi that is a perfect top for a first date.

Until next week,

Viscose Gingham Boatneck Top
$345.00 by Tibi


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