Luxetips Style! Tiny Prints Fashionable Stationary

Luxetips Style! Tiny Prints Fashionable Stationary

I am a huge stationary person. I  hand write thank you notes rather than send emails. I find that some things should not change. Yes, time often dictates changes in etiquette, but there are some things that are simply classic. I want to send out formal announcements  when the little (or not so little) Chameleon Baby arrives.  I was looking for some sweet and rather old-fashioned birth announcements for the occasion. I did not know whether to continue the theme of the shower invitation, favors, and welcoming favors or whether to purchase something from the Odd Balls collection that a friend recently exposed me to and with which I am now obsessed. Then, I saw these cute announcements  by Baby Buggy which state “Your best accessory,” which I think are totally appropriate for some of my friends and colleagues who know how much I love to shop. I love the white crayon image of a mother wearing a beautiful one-shoulder  ball gown set against the gray paper, and who doesn’t want to think that they will remain effortlessly stylish with a baby hipside?  The announcements start at  $ 2.39 each and can be found at Tiny Prints.

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