Luxetips Style! Tips For Buying Your Best Lingerie

Luxetips Style! Tips For Buying Your Best Lingerie

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Buying lingerie can be a quick and easy process when you’re just going for the basics. For everyday needs, a lot of women will just settle on something simple, affordable, and comfortable and be done with it. But everyone likes to have a few bedroom outfits and everyday undergarments that go beyond basic to make a sexy statement, and for these bits of lingerie, a little more of a process is required. 

To some extent, all you need to find your very best lingerie sets is due diligence; that is, be patient and thorough and you’ll probably find something you’re very happy with. But if you’ve never thought much about the specific strategies of finding your favorite lingerie, here are a few tips to consider. 

Shop In-Person

These days, there’s always a temptation to do our shopping online. It’s so incredibly easy to do a quick search, pick a size, and click “check out,” especially when we’re able to store our payment and shipping information on our favorite sites! But because there can be so much variation in how different garments fit and feel from different designers and providers, this is ultimately a great way to get lingerie that ends up being just OK. Sure, you can order, try on, send back, and repeat, but isn’t that more hassle than just spending an hour at the mall? Shopping in-person, for lingerie, allows you to try on as many garments as you want looking for that perfect blend of comfort and sexiness that will keep you happy with your purchase.

Don’t Distract With Color

This is a tip mentioned in an article at about how to choose lingerie that men will love. Basically, the idea heeded advice from men, which was that simple, neutral colors are sometimes best, because they can accent your body and show you off without becoming distracting. On the other hand, nude colors can blend in somewhat awkwardly, and brighter shades can be glaring. Now, talking about how to drive men crazy with lingerie can be fun, but really it’s more important to find something youwill be happy wearing—so if you prefer nudes or bright flashy colors, go for it. But if you’re looking for your most flattering lingerie set, keep in mind the basic advice that too much or too little color can be distracting. 

Identify Your Body Type

This probably sounds like pretty basic advice, but really, a lot of women will spend hours looking for the most flattering styles and individual pieces at random, instead of identifying their body types and shopping accordingly. Shopping to fit your body can help you to find a lot more options that will be both comfortable and flattering. has a very helpful guide for this sort of shopping, not only helping to identify different body types, but also recommending different lingerie for the various types. For example, it’s mentioned that pear shaped women tend to look great in babydolls and chemises, and that an “upside down” pear shape does well with bustiers and camisoles. To be clear, no one is suggesting that your body type should exclusively limit you to a few styles; but going into your shopping with an idea of body type fits can give you a very useful perspective. 

Show Off What You Want

Above all else, this is the most important tip for finding the best lingerie for you: shop for items that will emphasize the parts of your body you want to show off! This is a tip highlighted in an article at, in which there’s some discussion of shopping for body type, but ultimately an emphasis on comfort and personal security. “Where what you feel good in,” the article recommends succinctly, and we’d second the notion. A great set of lingerie should make you feel sexy and confident, and the best way to do that is often to shop for garments that highlight your own favorite features.


Disclaimer:  This is a guest post.

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