Luxetips Style! Tod's Driving Moccasins at TJMaxx!

Luxetips Style! Tod's Driving Moccasins at TJMaxx!

I thought I was going to go into labor. Seriously. I was on my way out of TJMaxx and what did I see? A pair of Tod’s driving moccasins. I guess the Chameleon Baby was excited too because I started contracting. What can I say? This baby has got good taste in footwear.

Tod’s offers incredibly comfortable driving moccasins in some of the smoothest leather you will ever touch. I had gone through the entire store and missed Tod’s moccasins. How in the world could that happen? Oh wait, I know, because there were three pair all in sizes five and six. Sigh. I have been wanting a pair of Tod’s since forever. If you wear between a five and a six, the TJ Maxx on Howell Mill had 3 pair in brown and tan at $199.99. Regular retail prices are around $425.00.

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  1. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.

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