Luxetips Style: Zara Shoe Haul: The Shoes Are Here

Luxetips Style: Zara Shoe Haul: The Shoes Are Here

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I love me some Zara.  I have been a shopper of Zara since 1999 while I was living in NYC.  Super fab.  But what I love most about Zara, besides the affordable and good quality fashions, is their sales.  Zara’s end of the year sales are legendary.  Merchandise is practically given away at 80% off.  I live for this type of sale. I was checking out the sale and was looking for a particular shoe, but alas, it was sold out.  However, I found some awesome boots and sandals for a grand total of $50 dollars.  Yep you heard me.  I purchased 3 pair of shoes for a total sum of $50.  Wowza.  Check them out:

I got two pair of the high heeled ankle boots with laces in brown and gray.  The leather is genuine.  The boots are super comfy.  Plus the cone heel is so in style.  They were on sale for 19.99 and they are currently on sale for $15.99.  

The sandals are a 4 inch navy patent leather T-Strap sandal.  They are gorgeous.  Plus the navy blue color is a nice change from the standard black.  These were on sale for $9.99, but they are now gone.  

There are still some Zara shoes left, plus they are still more clothing items up for grabs.  At these prices, you can’t afford not to take a look.  Visit the Zara End of Season Sale here.



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