Luxetips Style: Zara Shoe Obsession

Luxetips Style: Zara Shoe Obsession

Hello Divas:

Be thankful and watch your blessings flow.

While in the elevator yesterday, a very stylish young lady stepped into the elevator and she had on the iBasic Zara mixed media sandal.  Now I have seen these sandals on Atlantic-Pacific blog (love) and thought they were cute.  However, seeing them up close and personal simply solidified that I have to have them.  The young lady said they were also comfortable and she got a lot of compliments on them.  I bet.

The iBasic Zara Sandal also comes in other colors.  I am insane over the green and blue

These sandals only retail for $49, which is a steal.  I also found some other styles that I am obsessing over for Summer.  Zara shoes are stylish, decent quality and affordable.  Perfect.

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