Luxetips Thrifting! Lucky Exchange..DVF and more!

Luxetips Thrifting! Lucky Exchange..DVF and more!

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You guys know I love thrift shopping for clothes.  I am obsessed with it.  Just like Carrie said on Sex and The City, there is nothing more stylish than a great pair of shoes paired with a vintage or gently used inexpensive dress.  Believe me, $300 shoes and a $5 dress are a perfect match.

Well I can officially add another thrift shop to my weekly “thriffin” routine, The Lucky Exchange.  The Lucky Exchange is a very organized and cute thrift/consignment shop in East Atlanta and Midtown Atlanta.  I had been hearing about Lucky Exchange for a while, but had never ventured in.  One day, I had a little time on my hands and took the plunge.

What I immediately noticed about Lucky Exchange is the merchandising.  The layout reminds me of a well structured ladies department in a high end department store.  It is very organized.  Their are suggested pairings on display and the shoes and handbags are neatly organized in their respective areas.  There is a section for dresses, jeans, pants, skirts, shirts, and outerwear.  There is also a men’s section that features a wide and eclectic collection of leather jackets and jeans.

Of course I love dresses and always start there first.  When I thrift shop, I always go through every piece of clothing one at a time.  This is the only way to find hidden treasures.  While going through the dresses look what I found:

A Diane von Furstensberg 100% silk dress with….POCKETS! I was impressed.  In all of my days of thriffin, I have never seen a DVF dress.

The dress was only $35! At this point, I am losing my mind. Really? $35?  As you Divas know, her dresses usually start around $300. Woot!

Of course, you know I scooped it up and ran out of there so fast. LOL!  I tried it on first and this dress is in mint condition.  There is not a thread out of place and it fits me perfectly.  No tailoring needed. Score!

The great thing about Lucky Exchange is that you can either buy, sell or exchange items.  So if you are done with your high end brand name jeans, you can go into Lucky Exchange and choose another item of equal value that you love.  That is so neat!

The Lucky Exchange has two wonderful locations.  Make sure to check them out.


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