Luxetips Travel: Carmel Food Tour at Carmel By The Sea: A Must!

Luxetips Travel: Carmel Food Tour at Carmel By The Sea: A Must!

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Per yesterday’s post, I am totally in love with Carmel By The Sea. Magical.  But one of the most amazing things I did while in Carmel, was take the Carmel Food Tour.  The Carmel Food Tour is a walking tour and includes visits to the best wine, food, and speciality shops in Carmel.  The tour is about 2 hours and is one of the best experiences of my life.  The Carmel Food Tour is operated by Owner/Guide, Staci.  She is simply lovely and knows Carmel like the back of her hand.

Our first stop was the famous, The Cheese Shop.  This shop serves world class and gourmet cheese from around the world.  They also have a great wine selection.  We sampled three types of cheeses but the creamy cheddar was my absolute favorite.  I could never go back to eating regular cheddar cheese.  Yum.

Our next stop was Casanova Restaurant.  Casanova is one of the oldest restaurants in Carmel and it houses a table that Vincent Van Gogh took his meals.  The best thing on the menu is the Gnocchi, which is a spinach dumpling smothered in parmesan cheese “au gratin” style.  We had an opportunity to taste these divine dumpling and I can truly say it was the best thing I have eaten in a long time. Superb.

 Table setting at Casanova.

 Van Gogh Inspired Plates.


We then ventured over to Salumeria Luca, an Italian Delicatessen.  We had a sampling of cured meats, cheese and wine!  I do not eat beef or pork, but the other folks on the tour raved about the meats.  The cheese was my fav.  I had a cheese that was a mixture of Mozarella and Ricotta. Delish. I gobbled that up.  We had full glasses of a very nice Italian Red. Nice.

 Meat, bread, and wine.

 Italian Red.


Trio Carmel was our next stop.  Trio is very special.  It offer the most delicious olive oils and balsamic vinegars; wine; and art.  What a unique place!  What I loved most about Trio was the balsamic vinegars.  There were so many flavor combinations to choose from.  I tasted chocolate, expresso, blood orange, and blackberry balsamic vinegars.  I learned you can pour these vinegars over ice cream for a nice healthy change from chocolate syrups.  They were unbelievable.  A must try!

 Balsamic Vinegars and Art.

 Gorgeous Art.

La Bicyclette Restaurant had the best wood fire pizza!  We actually had a great lunch here featuring a butternut squash pizza and my absolute favorite, a mushroom and truffle oil pizza. That mushroom and truffle oil pizza is swoon worthy.  A nice couple was on the tour and the husband bought a bottle of wine for the entire table.  The wine is Cowgirl and it is so good.

 Wood work in La Bicyclette.

 Amazing Cabernet.

After our fabulous lunch at La Bicyclette, we headed over to Caraccioli Cellars for a wine tasting.  We tasted their house champagne and a very rich Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir is apparently the best wine in the Northern Region of California and every Pinot Noir I tasted was like none I have ever tasted in my life. I really loved the atmosphere at Caraccioli Cellars.  It was very open with a very relaxing vibe.  My kind of place.

Our last stop on the Carmel Food Tour was Lula’s Chocolates.  What an appropriate way to end a tour! This shop has delicious sea salt caramels (my fav!) and melt in your mouth truffles.  I actually purchased a box of sea salt caramels and they only lasted one night! So good!

After the tour we were all full, but not stuffed; slightly buzzed but not drunk.  It is perfect.  You leave the tour learning a lot of history about Carmel while also visiting the unique food, wine, and cultural gems Carmel is known for.  The tour costs $70 and is so worth it.  I highly highly recommend this tour.  It is the best way to see, taste, and enjoy Carmel By The Sea.

Sidenote:  Carmel By The Sea is chilly! So be sure to dress in layers.  I had jeans, a jacket and a scarf. But once the Sunshine hit, I could take the jacket off.  Also make sure to wear flats in Carmel By The Sea.  You will do a lot of walking and they have an Ordinance against high heels.  No kidding! Why? Lots of cobblestone. LOL!

And my BFF was able to come up from L.A. to enjoy the tour with me. Priceless.

Check out more pics!
 Beautiful tile.




Dislaimer:   The Carmel Food Tour was comped.  However, all opinions are 100% honest and mine only.


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