Luxetips Travel Guides: Luxetips Guide to Hollywood Beach, FL

Luxetips Travel Guides:  Luxetips Guide to Hollywood Beach, FL

Hello Divas!

Live a life with no regrets!

We are starting something new on Luxetips!  Introducing Luxetips Mini-Travel Guides.  These guides will highlight 5 must do and little known gems for little or no cost in each city we travel.

Our hope is that these guides will assist you with your travels in the United States and abroad.

The first city we will highlight is Hollywood Beach, FL.  It is considered the Diamond of the Gold Coast.  This beach town is 20 minutes from South Beach and 40 minutes from Fort Lauderdale Beach, FL.


Hollywood, FL was founded by John Young in 1920.  Mr. Young had a dream that Hollywood, FL would be a replica of Hollywood, CA in the South.  However, after several hurricanes that destroyed the area, Mr. Young’s plans of a mini-Hollywood, CA were thwarted.  Hollywood, FL then became a beach town featuring gorgeous resorts and residential properties.

I absolutely adored Hollywood, FL.  The weather is perfect and it is always sunny with the predictable South Florida afternoon downpour.  If you are ever in South Florida and want to check out this beautiful city, here are my top 5 things to do in Hollywood, FL:

1. The Beach.  Hollywood Beach, FL boasts miles of golden sand juxtaposed against the blue green ocean and the dazzling sun.  Gorgeous.

Luxetip:  Be sure to get to the beach between 10am-12noon or from 4pm-7pm.  In the Summer, during the hours of 12 noon-4pm, the Sun can become unbearable, but during the recommended times, it is perfect.

2. Diplomat Resort and Spa. Hollywood Beach, FL has some stunning hotels and resorts located directly on the beach.  Fab!

These resorts are perfect for conventions, meetings, weddings or simply a luxe getaway.  The Diplomat Hotel and Resort is one of my favorite hotels in the area.  It just went through a major renovation and I am loving the upgrades.  These upgrades include: beautiful art decor art in each room, hardwood floors, modern furnishings and super comfy beds.

This property also boasts its on private beach, three pools including an infinity pool and private cabanas for rent.  There are several restaurants on the property and a pool bar.  Love it!

Luxetip:  Rates start at $199.00 per night.  However if you book between now and October 15, you can receive their Vacation Like a VIP Package.  This package includes:  complimentary room upgrade, complimentary valet parking, a $100 resort credit and a $25 American Express Card. Wowza!

3. Hollywood Beach Theatre.  The Hollywood Beach Theatre is located on the Boardwalk in Hollywood, FL and features live free music on Wednesday through Sunday from 7pm-10pm.  My first night in Hollywood, FL included me taking a quick water taxi ride down to the theatre to listen to an absolute incredible band.  It was a night to remember.  Just picture the sight and sound of the ocean in the background, a beautiful ocean breeze and great music.  Love.

Luxetip:  The Hollywood Beach Theatre is right next to Margaritaville Resort.  Grab a fab margarita from the bar and enjoy the music!

4. Water Taxi.  A super fab way to get around Hollywood, FL is to take a water taxi.  For only $16, you get unlimited rides for a day on this fab boat!

The water taxi travels up and down the inter coastal waterway and drops passengers off at hotels, bars, restaurants and other attractions.  You will also get a fab view of yachts and mansions along the way.  It is such a lovely way to travel.  The entire ride is 1.5 hours.  I love, love, the water taxi.  It was relaxing and a perfect mode of transportation on a beautiful day.

Luxetip: Be sure to stop at one of the best affordable and cool restaurants in town, Le Tub.


The water taxi will drop you off right in front of this gem.  It boasts America’s best hamburger and pina cola and since I am a pina colada snob, it did not disappoint.  It is made with fresh coconut milk, fresh pineapple juice, rum and toasted shaved coconut to top it off! Insane!

Yum!  The restaurant is decorated with old bathtubs and toilets and is a favorite of celebs.

5. Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, FL. If you are into art like me, then a visit to the Hollywood, FL Art and Culture Center is a trip you have to take!

This center provides art education, art exhibits and performance art year round.  When I visited the center, there were two fab art exhibits on display.

Also their is a student art gallery featuring art from local students.  Plus there is a component of the center that provides a great history on Hollywood, FL.

Luxetip:  Ticket prices are only $7 for adults and $4 for kids.

I hope you found this Luxetips Mini-Travel Guide helpful!  If you have any city you are traveling to and you are looking for fab things to do and see for little or no cost, be sure to send us an email at




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  1. I love this hotel! Did not know it went through renovations. I will have to go and visit.

    • Yes the renovations are amazing! I remember this hotel is where you had the first niche parent conference. It is still one of my favs!

  2. What a refreshing Blog. It is well written, short sweet and to the point. I like the diversity of the experiences and your images are authentic. Thank you for doing this for us!

    • Thank you so much for your kind comments! I appreciate it so much. Hollywood, FL is a place I will visit again.

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