Luxetips Travel Guides: Luxetips Guide to New Orleans, LA

Luxetips Travel Guides: Luxetips Guide to New Orleans, LA

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New Orleans, LA is a city I have a long history with and one I truly love.  See my father is from New Orleans and I grew up there during half of my childhood.  Although I don’t live there now, I simply love love love visiting this city full of rich history, culture and artistic expression.


New Orleans was founded as a french colony on May 7, 1718.  It is a port city located on the banks of the Mississippi river and the Gulf of Mexico.  As part of the Treaty of Paris, New Orleans was ceded to the Spanish Empire in 1763.  As a result, New Orleans is a city with a strong French, Spanish, Native American and African influence.  It is the birthplace of Jazz, creole food (a mixture of French, Spanish and African food) and amazing art!

The weather can be very hot and humid in the Summer months and cool, rainy and breezy in the Winter Months.  January is New Orleans’ coldest months with an average temp of 44 degrees.  Not bad.  There are so many attractions and things to do in New Orleans.  Check out my top 5 things to do in this fun and historical city for little or no cost!

1. Streetcars.  Streetcars or Trolleys are a great way to get around New Orleans and really explore the historic sites.  The Canal Street Streetcar will take you all the way from the center of Canal Street down to the famous historic cemeteries.

Because the city is built on a swamp, the deceased have to be buried above ground in elaborate stone crypts and mausoleums. Divas they are something to see!  My favorite Streetcar is the St. Charles Streetcar.  This trolley will take you on a scenic ride through uptown New Orleans including the Garden District.  While riding you will see beautiful mansions, the city’s universities and there is a stop to the beautiful Audubon Park and Zoo.


Luxetip:  For only $3, you can purchase a Jazzy Pass that will give you unlimited rides in a single day. Fab!

2. Audubon Park.  One of my favorite parks on this earth is Audubon Park.  This park is over 100 years old and is simply stunning.  People from all over the world flock to this park to visit the park’s centuries old oak trees.  In addition, part of the park provides a bank for the Mississippi river and visitors have tons of space to have a picnic and enjoy the beautiful view.  In addition, the park has a gorgeous lagoon that houses Bird Island.  Bird Island is host to hundreds of birds nesting on the island every year.  It is quite a site to see!

Luxetip:  Audubon Park has activities for the entire family.  There are tennis courts, a jogging trail, 3 outdoor playgrounds, and horse stables offering lessons to kids from 4 years old and adults.

3. Cafe Du Monde.  New Orleans has some of the best food in the world. One of my favorite delicacies from this city is beignets.  Beignets are square pieces of dough, fried and covered with powdered sugar. They are served in orders of three. I have to say Beignets are my absolute favorite pastry in the world.  They are even better served with cafe au lait.

Luxetip:  An order of 3 beignets are only $2 and some change.  Add a cafe au lait for only $2 more.  So affordable, good and filling. Love!

4. Frenchmen Street.

If you love live music and jazz like me, then Frenchmen Street is a must when visiting New Orleans.  Frenchmen Street is a New Orleans live music and entertainment district in the Marigny neighborhood at the edge of the French Quarter. The street’s music venues feature the best live music New Orleans has to offer.  You can enter many of the clubs and bars to check out live music or simply walk down the street and enjoy a live band playing in the street.

Luxetip:  Celebrities frequent Frenchmen Street to sit in on jam sessions.  Artists in all genres visit this famed street all the time.  So for the cost of admission or a drink, you may sit in on a free concert with your favorite artist. So luxe!

5. The Algiers Ferry.  This Ferry brings back so many fond memories for me.  This Ferry was one of my family’s mode of transportation when traveling from the West Bank to the City of New Orleans.  The Algiers Ferry has been in operation since 1827, at the foot of Canal Street – right next to the Aquarium of the Americas.  The Algiers Ferry is an awesome way to view the beauty of New Orleans via a boat ride.

Luxetip:  The ride is for pedestrians and bikers only and costs $2. Those traveling by car may park in the in one of the nearby lots for a fee. Luxe and affordable.

I hope you found this Luxetips Mini-Travel Guide helpful! If you have any city you are traveling to and you are looking for fab things to do and see for little or no cost, be sure to send us an email at





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