Luxetips Travel! Postcard from Paris: Diptyque

Luxetips Travel! Postcard from Paris: Diptyque

If you caught my post two months ago on Voluspa, you will know that it is my absolute favorite candle in the world. In Paris, I got to experience the full aromatic experience that is Diptyque.  The brand of both home and personal fragrance is not foreign to the US, but not easy to come by either. 
Diptyque sells an array of pleasantly dressed candles. The ceramic candle holders alone are worth the purchase, and the perfect souvenir. Lucky for you they have an on-line store which carries an extensive array of the products, if not the entire line.

The latest fragrance is named after the 34 Boulevard St. Germain location that houses the first store. It was only two blocks from my hotel, but somehow I manage to miss it. Lucky for me Galleries Lafayette carried the brand. Minutes from leaving the store, I managed to snag a solid perfume  in a sultry miniature black ceramic compact.

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