Luxetips Travel! Symi Island, Greece & The Beauty of the Mediterranean Sea

Luxetips Travel! Symi Island, Greece & The Beauty of the Mediterranean Sea

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Every morning I ask God for his absolute best for me in all aspects of my life.  God’s best is so much better than what we think is best for us!

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After our first adventure on Rhodes Island, Greece, we set sail the next morning for the stunning island of Symi.  Symi Island is known for its stunning colorful neoclassical mansions covering the slopes near the main city.  The juxtaposition of the vibrant houses against the varying blues and greens of the Mediterranean Sea makes this island quite breathtaking! 


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Our first adventure in Symi was to snorkel and swim in Symi cove.  Now I am not a swimmer…at all.  Plus I have never had the opportunity to snorkel.  But I had to push through my fear and at least give it a try.  I really wanted to be brave and try every new and wonderful experience on this trip.  I made it all the way here and I was not going to be afraid!

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After snorkeling in Symi Cove, we had a fabulous Mediterranean lunch prepared by the yacht’s chef and we packed up to hike the island.  While on our hike, we were able to see some of the many churches and chapels on the island dating back to the Byzantine era.

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We also saw the historic Monastery of the Archangel Michael Panormitis.  This Greek Orthodox monastery was built on the southwest coast in the early 18th century. It overlooks a bay, and is still inhabited by monks.  


More views!

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Later that evening we visited Taki’s a world-famous leather maker for a little shopping.  Taki makes all the items hand-made and uses the best quality leather.  Tom Hanks is a fan!  I did purchase a pair of fabulous gold sandals.  Pictures to come!

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Symi Island was one of my favorite Greek islands on the Mediterranean Delights Fitness Voyage.  It was the most beautiful and I conquered my fear of the Sea! 

Check back for my next adventure on the island of Kos!




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