Maeve and Anthropolgoie: Kiss me, I’m Cablinasian

Maeve and Anthropolgoie: Kiss me, I’m Cablinasian
St. Patty’s Day is lurking around the corner. It is probably Corporate America’s least favorite holiday. Despite where I am working  and despite not fully knowing my heritage (still have not figured out if Great Great Grandaddy was English or Irish)  I wear green. I figure that it is much easier for me to wear green than to punch someone for pinching me. I visited one my favorite online spots just to see the new digs and guess what I found? Two of the most beautiful green dresses that I have ever seen. Should I be surprised? No, it is Anthropologie.
The Spring Ready Dress by Maeve is appropriately named as we have all been eagerly anticipating Spring. Each extra glimmer of daylight has me delighted. Maeve is a popular and well-made brand frequently sold at Anthro. The Spring-Ready Dress will no doubt exceed expectations. It is a faux-wrap jersey dress with a wide belt and elastic waist (smile)  and “some dramatic wedges” (wink). It is 37 inches long and sells for $98.00.

The Fountain of Youth Dress, also by Maeve, is a voile shirtdress, fitted in the waist, and embellished with cutaway shoulders. The dress ties in the back with a bow and closes in the front with buttons. It is lined (yes!) and machine washable (Hallelujah!).  The Fountain of Youthsells for $128.00.
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