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I hope this week is truly a good fabulous week for you all. I am totally obsessed with mascara. And I am telling you that I know I have found the BEST mascara ever. Believe me I have tried them all, every brand in every price range, but I think I have finally found a true winner. However, I will give you my top two, with number one being the BEST! Enjoy!

1. Maybeline Intense Volume XXL. This is it! In my opinion, this is the best valued mascara on the market. This mascara is packaged as a primer and mascara in one. One end of the tube is the primer and the other end is the mascara. The primer is definitely the trick to thick, long, va va voom lashes. You simply evenly coat your lashes with the white primer. As you do this step, you will notice that your lashes will instantly become longer and fuller. Last you apply the mascara, which basically enhances the volume and length of your lashes while adding color. This two-step system also perfectly separates your lashes. I did not have to use an eyelash comb! Amazing! I mean I stared at my lashes for like 15 minutes because I was so amazed by the results. You can purchase this mascara at Wal-Mart for $5.98! What a bargain. I am in love!

I have tried Loreal’s Volume Shocking Mascara, Loreal’s version of this primer and mascara in one package and I was sorely disappointed. The primer brush is too big. In addition, the brush for the mascara allows too much mascara to accumulate on the brush. The result is clumps, clumps, clumps. The brush is actually like an eyelash comb and I thought it would create perfectly separated lashes, but NOT. I mean I constantly had to wipe the brush with a tissue to get the excess mascara off. Messy. Plus it costs $11.99. Maybeline’s is half this price.

2. Lancome Defincil’s. This has been my long time favorite since 1997. The brush is designed to perfectly separate lashes and it is great for lengthening lashes. It is a great mascara. However, at $23.00, it is a bit on the expensive side. Defincil’s used to be my number one mascara, but now since I have found Maybeline’s Intense Volume XXL it is my second.

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