Michelle Smith of Milly Discusses Her Signature Bag for Clinque

Michelle Smith of Milly Discusses Her Signature Bag for Clinque

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As I previously blogged, I met Michelle Smith, designer and creator of Milly during New York Fashion Week. Milly is one of my favorite designers. Her clothes are comfortable, luxe, and so pretty! Her resort wear and swimsuits are outstanding! Clinique commissioned Michelle to create a cosmetics bag and Michelle did not disappoint. The bag is absolutely gorgeous! The design contains Milly’s signature pink color and a flirty pattern. This cosmetics bag is available exclusively at Bloomingdale’s and is yours with a purchase of $25 of more at the Clinique counter. In addition, the bag contains all of Milly’s favorite Clinique products including Rosy Blush for cheeks and Blushing Nude lips. The colors definitely match the bag! HOT! I asked Milly a few questions about her inspiration for the Cosmetics bag:

Luxetips: Ms. Smith what was your inspiration when creating the Milly One of A Kind Clinique Make-up bag?

Ms. Smith: The Clinique warm watermelon color pink lipstick and Milly’s signature pink was my inspiration.

Luxetips: I am in love with this bag it is so creative and fun! What is your secret to success?

Ms. Smith: Work really really hard. Do not take short cuts and don’t take no for an answer!

And Divas Michelle looked fantastic! She just had a baby and did not have one inch of fat on her body. Amazing!



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