Mixed Media and Mixed Metal Jewelry: FIERCE!

Mixed Media and Mixed Metal Jewelry: FIERCE!

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It is Day 25 and Chamele discusses the new “it” accessories, mixed media jewelry.  Love, love, love.  Do you have a mixed media statement piece? 

Day 25
Mixed media jewelry and mixed metals are all the rage right now. I am fond of mixed metal necklaces and rings in particular because when I have one on mixed metal piece I do not feel weird wearing  silver earrings and a gold ring or vice versa. A mixed metal necklace ties it all together.   My favorite mixed metal necklace is  no longer being carried at Banana Republic, I wear it with everything, whether I dress up or down. Here are a few similar necklaces currently sold at BR  that appear to be equally satisfying:
The Heritage Labyrinth Necklace may look a bit over whelming;  but truly, if you wear it, you will not need much other adornment. It makes a  bold statement. I love how the 10k gold plate and silver are interwoven. The necklace defies convention, appearing to be seemingly otherworldly.  I could picture this sort of statement necklace peaking from underneath  an ordinary collared shirt. It sales at Banana Republic for $ 125.00
I am absolutely in love with the High Tea Knot.  Not much of a pearl girl,  myself, this is the perfect twist to a look that may otherwise dates its wearer.  The High Tea  Knot is delicate without being overly demure. The interplay of metal and pearls in the knot is both unique and classy and flattering wearers of all  ages. The necklace is funky without  giving the look that you are trying to hard.  It sales at Banana Republic (BR) for  $59.50. I can hear it softly whispering my name.
The Heritage Tangle Treasure Necklace, like the Heritage Labyrinth Necklace is a good number for work. It has a new-age professional edge. Gold and silver links are twisted with rope, glass beads, and a herringbone flex chain. The huge lobster claw closure makes ensures an easy grasp. It sales for $ 98.00 and is also found at BR.
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