Mocha Moms National Conference, Chicago, and Lancôme

Mocha Moms National Conference, Chicago, and Lancôme

Hello Divas!

I hope you are having a truly fabulous Friday!

I wanted to write this post sooner but I am beat! I had to travel to two different cities to give two presentations in two weeks. Between travel, speaking, work, kids, and writing obligations, I have not slept over 3 hours in 2 weeks! Whew! However, starting next week, I will be back to my regularly scheduled posts!

This past weekend I gave a presentation on “How to Live the Fabulous Life on a Budget” at the National Mocha Moms Conference. Mocha Moms is a non-profit organization that supports women who choose alternative work schedules or career paths to devote time to their families. The presentation went off without a hitch! The ladies loved the tips and even had some tips of their own to share. Here I am speaking.

I discussed thrift and consignment shopping, high end department store outlet shopping, how to purchase staple items on a dime, how to re-decorate your home for less, drugstore brand quality beauty products, and beauty gifts with purchases. You know I could not wait to share that I purchased my Target Thakoon dress for 40% off the regular price. Gotta love Target.

Lancôme graciously sponsored this presentation and provided all attendees with a full tube of Lancôme Hypnose Waterproof Mascara and a full tube of La Laque Fever Optical Rose lip gloss. The Optical Rose shade is a sparkly sheer pink gloss. I kid you not, it looks great on all skin tones! The ladies were going crazy over that lip gloss! It creates the perfect nude lip with a hint of sparkle! My friend Dawn is actually wearing it in this pic!

Now you all know how much I love Lancôme Defencils Mascara but Lancôme Hypnose is pretty darn good. This is a volumnizing mascara. The special patented brush builds your lashes with each stroke. I apply 2 coats and my lashes are nice and lush. However, I still love my Defencils. LOL! I coupled the Hypnose Mascara with Lancôme’s Indigo Charm eyeliner for a night out on the town. I must say I look pretty hot! LOL!

Singer/Songwriter Angie Stone was the keynote speaker for our luncheon on Saturday. She shared her life story and how she has overcome pain, loss, and heartache. It was a truly inspirational speech.

Later that night, my friends and I partied the night away! Chicago is a lovely city. It is huge, but spaced out and very clean! Don’t we look like we are having a good time!

Of course, I am not used to hanging out until 4 in the morning 3 nights straight. Here I am on the El train on my way back to the hotel after clubbing. I think you can stick a fork in me. I am done.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I had a ton of fun in Chicago! The ladies were awesome, Garrett’s Popcorn scrumptious and Deep Dish Pizza is simply divine. Of course, nothing beats Michigan Ave. shopping! LOL!



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8 Responses to “Mocha Moms National Conference, Chicago, and Lancôme”

  1. You go! Sounds like a great experience. I hope to see you in NY soon:)

  2. Looks like you had a blast even you are sleep deprived! See you soon!

  3. Looks like you had a blast!!!
    Definitely rocking the Thakoon!!!

  4. Auntie Luxe, looks you had a great time!! Angie Stone? That’s my girl! And you are rockin’ that dress. *sigh* Another reason why I am glad you’re my mentor. We’ll have to talk about my studying for the LSAT. *gulp* Happy Friday!

  5. Great post! I’m glad you enjoyed Chicago. I’ll have to try that Lancome gloss 😉

  6. To Felicia: It was awesome. I am so looking forward to seeing you in a month!

    To Jackie Ho: Yeah I had a blast. I will see you soon!

    To Sapphire: Yep Thakoon needs to do another line at Target! I will scoop it all up!

    To B: You are so sweet! I am so honored to mentor such a beautiful person! XOXO!

    To Kim: You will love the gloss! It is so awesome!

  7. Hi! I was at the Mocha Moms conference too! We never met, but I am thrilled to know that more Mochas are blogging. Great recap, btw.

  8. OK. I think I met you at Blogalicious. I was in your session. It just hit me. I bet there where a few people who where at both conferences. Mocha Moms and Blogalicious should join forces. LOL

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