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I was not quite prepared for what I saw at Modcloth during my daily perusal of the site. I had just passed over a nude a-line sleeveless sheath at Urban Outfitters, hopeful that it would hit the sale rack before my birthday.  Then, I saw the one. You know,  that perfect purchase that will trump all others you might make for the month, or perhaps even for the year.  Almost like your first love, it brings instant gratification upon first sight.
The Effervescent Evening Dress is a slighter darker shade of peach than the nude Urban Outifitter’s dress I first had in mind Also an a-line, the Effervescent Evening Dress  has the sexiest  slit down the center of the spine. I did a back- test  sitting and standing. (We make no purchases without practice.) The slit should hit on what is perhaps the smallest part of the back; in other words no wardrobe malfunctions.  The real icing on the cake are the embellished shoulders reminiscent of old Hollywood.  Lights, camera, action!  You will definitely feel like a star in this dress.
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Effervescent Evening Dress Modcloth 7999.jpg Effervescent Evening Dress Modcloth 7999.jpg
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