My Donna Rico Dress from Nordstroms

My Donna Rico Dress from Nordstroms

Hello Divas!

I hope life is treating you good.  Always take time to pamper yourself no matter what!

I have a huge love affair with dresses. I love wearing dresses.  They make me feel pretty and feminine. I am always shopping for dresses at Department and discount stores.  Furthermore, if you buy a dress, it is one outfit and you don’t have to worry about finding a shirt to match a skirt or trousers.  Dresses are just simple like that.

Before my Blogher trip, I went to Nordstroms to find a cute dress on sale.  I needed a professional but cute dress for my speech.  Essentially I needed a day dress that could also work as an evening cocktail dress.  Well I found the perfect dress by Donna Rico.  I love this dress so much, I have since given two more speeches/presentations and I have worn this dress to both.  I think of it as my lucky presentation dress. LOL!

Here is a pic of me in the dress.

This dress is made of stretch sateen cotton.  It has tight cap sleeves and the bodice fits snug but not overly tight.  It is heavily lined and I love that.  I always feel like I am getting more quality if the dress is lined properly.  The dress is sturdy and can be worn to work with classic black pumps or for dinner and cocktails with high-heeled sandals.  Plus I love the floral print.  There is nothing like a well tailored floral print dress.  This dress reminds me of the classic dresses women wore in the 50s and 60s when wearing dresses, pumps, and pearls was an everyday occurrence. Classic.

This is my new favorite dress and I can’t wait to purchase my next Donna Rico creation.  As a matter of fact, I have to have this classic floral print one pocket day dress. The boat neck and fitted bodice is insane!  So me!

Donna Rico prides herself in being a classic dress maker and designs dresses she feels will make women look good and feel good about themselves.  You can find Donna Rico dresses here or at any Nordstroms. Also I did find my dress on sale at Nordstroms.  Donna Rico dresses retail for around $108, and I purchased mine for $68.   She is also having a sale online here.



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8 Responses to “My Donna Rico Dress from Nordstroms”

  1. Oh yes, I remember when you wore that dress…you looked gorgeous! Such a great fit!

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  3. Lovely dress! Where were you and Natasha?

  4. @funkidivagirl Thank you! I love that dress…have to get at least two more on sale of course.

    @gajol Thank you for visiting! Glad you like the blog!

    @Jackie H. Thanks dear friend. We were at a Fashion Show.

  5. Love it! Those are all the qualities I look for in a dress too. Don’t be mad if you see in at Blogalicious in a Donna Rico! LOL

  6. @Jusice Fergie I do hope to see you in a Donna Rico dress. You will look simply divine!

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  8. Very cute dress!
    I would like to buy…

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