My Mom: The Style Icon

My Mom: The Style Icon
Mother’s Day is just around the corner. For two years now I have planned on purchasing my mother a mixbook with my favorite photos of her and a line or two thanking her for the multitude of contributions she has made to my life. With less than a week to go we will have to keep our fingers crossed on the delivery. 
Another idea for a cool book is the “My Mom:The Style Icon.” If you, like me, have fabulous mother and maybe one who enjoys coffee table books then you should consider purchasing the book created by writers of the blog with the same name. “My Mom: the Style Icon” is now featured in Lucky Magazine as a regular feature on the last page of the magazine. Each entry is a short blurb of how the writer’s mother helped define style. The magazine editors recreate the stylish mother’s look with current, similar pieces. You can find “My Mom: The Style Icon” at Modcloth for $18.99.
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