N.Y.C. Nail Polish: Is it Worth Buying?

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Well it is official. Summer is here! This is the time to get regular manis and pedis and experiment with nail color. Of course, bright colors are always hot in the summer. This is why I decided to try N.Y.C. Nail Colors. I was looking for a nice yellow to wear when I am relaxing and not working! They had a great yellow and a host of other bright and funky colors. So I gave it a try.

First, the price point is great! Who can beat nail polish at 99 cents? However, the formula is very thin. I had to apply 4 coats to achieve the yellow color in the bottle. Next, the polish constantly streaked while applying. Even after applying 4 coats and drying, I never achieved a smooth finish. Just streaks, streaks, streaks! Not good. The one thing I did like about this polish is that it drys very quickly. Now that was impressive. How does it compare to Wet n’ Wild’s nail polish? Wet n’ Wild is crushing N.Y.C. I previously blogged about the fabulousness of Wet n’ Wild’s Nail Polish here. Plus Wet n’ Wild is also 99 cents.


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  1. I love the idea!!! Even though it is only seeds, that make the difference, I love that when you are done, it can be useful in other ways.

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