Napoleon Perdis Luminizer Bronzer: My Review

Napoleon Perdis Luminizer Bronzer: My Review

Hello Divas!

I hope today is an awesome day! I am in loooove with Napoleon Perdis’s Luminizer Bronzer Foundation Stick. Can I just say fantabulous?!! So I am in Sephora last Friday and all of the Napoleon Perdis Products are 50% off. Yes 50% off! Apparently Sephora is not carrying the line anymore. Of course I lost my mind. I asked the salesperson what were the must have products from Napoleon Perdis. The salesperson said definitely the Luminizer Bronzer. He then went on to tell me that this product looks great on everyone, but as far as he is concerned it is the BEST bronzer for brown skin. So of course I am intrigued. He put it on and ladies I promise you, I looked like a movie star. Seriously. He applied it at the top of my cheekbones, the middle of my forehead, on on my chin. I was just glowing glowing glowing. I did not have any foundation and I looked radiant. He also said that you can mix a little of this bronzer with your foundation or moisturizer for an all over glow. Plus I just love the texture of this bronzer. It is packaged as a foundation stick and it is silky smooth; so easy to apply. It is a deep shimmering bronze color and I love it! Ladies this is THE MUST HAVE bronzer for fall/winter. During these months we all lose our fabulous tans and get that dull look. This bronzer will have you glowing all winter long. I promise. And ladies RUN to your nearest Sephora or immediately go to to purchase this item and other Napoleon Perdis products. Currently, all Napoleon Perdis products are 75% off at Sephora!!! This bronzer is currently selling for $9.75. It originally sells for $40.00!


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  1. I will have to try this. You should smack me for not having you on my blog roll! what the heck is wrong with me!

  2. To Dominican Enigma:

    LOL! You are hilarious! Yes please buy this. It is gorgeous!

  3. You are killing me, now I need to buy the bronzer too! Especially since it’s 75% off now!

  4. To Katiem:

    You absolutely must buy this! It rocks! Get it now. You don’t want to pay $40 when you can pay $9.75 now!!! Thanks for reading the blog!

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