Nars Cosmetics: My Illicit Love Affair

Nars Cosmetics: My Illicit Love Affair

Hello Divas!

I hope your Monday is filled with happiness and purpose! It is cold, cold, cold. Lots of Starbucks Refresh Tea for me! Today I am going to discuss my love affair with Nars Cosmetics. I say it is a love affair because the cosmetics are gorgeous but expensive. It is especially expensive when you buy 2 Nars blushes and an eyeshadow duo once a month! Ouch! But what can I say, I absolutely adore Nars. The colors are so highly pigmented, you don’t have to use a lot of the product to achieve the color. So the product lasts longer. And unlike other cosmetics brands, you don’t need a primer to make the color last all day. Nars blushes, eyeshadows, and bronzers just last! Lastly, the colors ROCK on any skin tone. So your skin tone can be ivory or dark mocha and the colors just work. Um did I say how much I love Nars? LOL! Now I have previously blogged about my fascination with Nars’ blushes here and the Multiple here. But Nars has other fabulous products that I must share with you Divas. Today, I want to feature Nars lip glosses. Fantastic! The lip glosses are nourishing, highly pigmented, and the colors are gorgeous. I am absolutely loving Turkish Delight. Turkish Delight is a current cult fav! It is a sheer pink gloss that is perfect layered over a neutral or nude lipstick or alone with a great lip pencil. It creates the perfect nude lip and looks great on every skin tone. Now Nars’ lip glosses retail for $24 but are so worth it! Currently, Nars is offering free shipping on any purchase of $40.00 or more. So you can buy two of their beautiful lip glosses and not have to pay for shipping. Fantabulous!


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7 Responses to “Nars Cosmetics: My Illicit Love Affair”

  1. i’m slowly but surely getting into NARS myself…so far I have a multiple, a lipgloss duo, and just ordered a blush duo and another gloss…but turkish delight is on my christmas list for sure!

  2. That gloss looks great. Pricey but great. I may just have to stick with my old standby MAC on this one.

  3. I have Turkish Delight too, and I love it! I HEART NARS! 🙂

  4. Me? I’m an Orgasm girl. NARS Orgasm, that is. The color is absolute perfection on my skin. Good to know you’ve found the one that tickles your fancy as well!

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