Nars Long Lip Gloss Set

Nars Long Lip Gloss Set

Hello Divas!

I hope your day is awesome! Yesterday, I shared with you Divas my love for Nars lip glosses. Well, Nars has a Lip Gloss Gift Set that is a great way to try several Nars lip glosses for one low price. This lip gloss set includes three of Nars’ most popular lip glosses. It includes Harlow, a silvery mauve; Sweet Dreams, a gorgeous pink with gold flecks; and Bilitis a brownish pink. I am salivating right now. LOL! This set is only $45! What a deal considering the lip glosses are $24 a piece! I am placing my order right now! And with free shipping on any purchase over $40, what are you waiting for? Visit for more details.


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5 Responses to “Nars Long Lip Gloss Set”

  1. I still haven’t jumped on the NARS lip gloss bandwagon yet. I don’t know what I’m waiting on considering I am beyond obsessed with their shadows and blushes. How I love thee, NARS! And you too, Auntie Luxe.

    By the way…you’ve been tagged. 😉

    And I wanted to get your opinion on this as my step into Lancome….do you think this is a good deal?

  2. oh wow that is a good deal! too bad i’m on a major budget 🙁 i’ve already overspent my makeup allowance for the month

  3. B: This is a fantastic deal! A full size Bi-Facil and full size Defencil is $50 alone! Plus the other goodies, plus the train case! Swoon. I am buying this myself! I love Lancome! I am going to repost this on Twitter!

  4. To: Ren Ren:

    Girl you need to splurge a little! It is so many good deals out there!

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