New Beginning Giveaway!

New Beginning Giveaway!

Hello Hello Divas!

Happy New Year! I hope you are enjoying the New Year thus far! I know I have been absent awhile, but I needed rest. Plus a little house cleaning was in order!

Remember my 12 Days of Luxetips Before Christmas Posts? Well if you read them, you are in for a little treat! I am hosting a giveaway featuring some of the fab products mentioned in those posts! How cool is that? Here is the list!

1. Lumene Skincare. A full-sized Arctic Deep Cleansing Peat Mask and a full size of their new Sensitive Touch Day Cream! You guys know I LOVE Lumene Skincare…the best!

2. Revlon. 3 Sets of Revlon Color Allure Artificial Nails. These nails come in rich deep beautiful colors and are so easy to apply. They definitely come in handy when you are in a rush and don’t have time to polish your nails. The lucky winner will receive a crimson red, deep wine, and deep purple color. HOT!

3. Lux Salon Gift Certificate. A gift certificate from Lux Salon for a Sebastian Colourshines by Cellophanes ($40 value) treatment. This treat provides incredible shine, condition, manageability, fullness and vibrancy to all hair types.

4.TJ MAXX. Gift Certificate from T.J. MAXX to purchase some of the cute clothing, booties, and accessories mentioned in the posts!

5. Lancome. A tube of Lancome Waterproof Hypnose Mascara. I have it and it gives mucho length and volume! Love Lancome!

Simple leave a comment on this post and tell me how did you get luxe and gorgeous for the holidays. Contest starts today and will end Sunday January, 10 at midnight!

Good luck and Toodles!


Luxe Tips


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  1. I get gorgeous by using a great facial scrub (love the one by soap & glory), I use fake eyelashes and tinted moisturizer then do a smokey gray eye!

    Great giveaway!

  2. i get gorgeous by going for the natural look, u see, i have almond shaped eyes and long eyelashes, so dont put on much makeup on the eyes, dont need to, just eyeliner!
    but i do go for bold colours like purples, blues and deep reds on my nails!
    & how can i forget, i cant go through a single day without my lakme face wash!

  3. I’d take good care of the skin, prep a good canvas for makeup and overall good look of the skin. Put on a gorgeous dress and I’m good to go

  4. I got luxe and gorgeous by sleeping in!!!! Ah…I love my sleep ^.^ And I also spent more time on my skincare regime and my acne has been clearing up. Now that it’s time for school, I just hope that the stress won’t braek me out again

  5. I got luxe by getting lots of beauty sleep and taking hot baths. (The home baking and chocolate might have helped me along the holidays as well)

  6. I got luxe by being fab. during all my holiday parties with my trusty MAC Russian Red with A black lip gloss (either Lancome or YSL) over it.


  7. hmm.. I sure didn’t sleep in (I wish!) but I wore my new makeup & clothes and felt luxe 🙂

  8. i got luxe by using stardust on my nails, they turned out so shimmery; and eyes to match. some diorshow blackout, huge gold earrings, and 5″ black and gold stilettos later and i’m ready to down those champagne cocktails =)

  9. I get luxe by ….. Who am I kidding? I’m 53, and I’m lucky if I have enough interest to get clean.

  10. I used a luminizing primer and a frosty MAC mineralized skin finish to make my face glowy and bright for the holidays!

  11. I got luxe caring my skin every day. I also makeup differently every day.


  12. I actually had time over the holidays to try some new skincare products that have been sitting in my cabinet forever. I love to experiment with new products~

  13. I make sure that my skin is soft and clean and most importantly radiant! That way I know I am looking like a million bucks!

  14. I received Too Faced Glamor Revolution for Christmas, so I’ve started experimenting with bright eye colors for the first time ever!


  15. To get luxe and gorgeous, I think it’s important to have a few staples in your beauty arsenal and wardrobe: namely a great fitting dress, some beautiful heels, great mascara, hair products and a bronzer or blush that’ll last. Those 5 items are what get me through these long, wintry months!

  16. You most definitely have to make sure that you are comfortable in what your wearing, and of course keep enjoying yourself.

  17. This year for the holidays, I treated myself to a deep conditioning treatment for my parched hair at the salon.
    sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

  18. Moisturize! It doesn’t matter how much makeup or what kind you put, if that skin is dry it will never look good. Winter always makes my skin very dry so a good facial cream is the way to go for me.


  19. Law school finals gave me the breakout and hyperpigmentation from…well, you know. Even though I didn’t feel glam, I changed my attitude and wore my joy at having the opportunity to spend quality time with my loved ones proudly. The long, chunky necklace I received as a gift didn’t hurt either.

    –Faithful Reader in PA

  20. In the wintertime, I don’t really care for my feet but I didn’t want to go into the New Year looking like Fred Flinstone. I took the time out to exfoliate my feet with a new sugar scrub, moisturized and then I painted them a new festive burgundy red.

  21. During the holidays I wanted to look like a diva. I put in a phoney pony, a sweater dress with leggings. Full make up. This is a change for me because I am a plain jane and my family was so surprised. I think I might glam up more often.

  22. I got luxe and gorgeous with a special lancome gift to my face–mascara and bronzer and some shimmer blush too…fun stuff!!
    zmama09 at yahoo dot com

  23. My company is having our holiday party this weekend. I’m wearing a black dress with silver strappy heels and I will be rocking a hot silver and black smokey eye with pale pink lips, a touch of Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer followed with MAC’s MSF in Petticoat!

  24. This Holiday Season was amazing! Even though the cold weather always leaves my skin dry, I always have travel size “Lucky You,Lucky Brand” hand lotion in my purse. It smells so good, it’s my favorite. Bees wax lip care gloss (yes lip gloss not just the balm) to still stay glam even when I’m freezing my butt off. A quick trick I do before I put on my make up is to wear a couple dime size drops of “Prime Time by Bare minerals” as my foundation primer. That way the make up stays on fresh and skin doesn’t dry off as much on the face, so no “cake looking patches” occur.
    Before a night out or even dinner with relatives I always have presentable nails. One of my favorite kits for nails are by “nailine” the so natural series are exactly as they are called. No one ever knows they are just plastic non-expensive fixes. However other days I just feel like sporting out the natural look, instead of make up I use “Aqua CG Smoothers, by Cover Girl” Its an SPF 15 tinted sunscreen. It gives your face a natural NO MAKE UP look. You can pick your own skin color so its blends in nicely. I use a #815 Medium to dark. In conclusion we can never leave out the hair care, so to start the new year with a kick, I wanted to explore a no-ammonia, no-peroxide, low risk hair color. And Herbal Essences “color flirt mousse” in CF Plum Pucker gave me that. Its a mousse you put in your hair and leave on for 30mins. It will leave a hint of purple when the light hits it and will last just a couple of washes (8-10). So it won’t damage hair and it won’t be present forever hehe.
    That’s it for some of my holiday goodies I use, I love hearing and sharing what everyone else has to say about beauty.
    Happy New 1st week of 2010 and may it bring health, beauty and luck!

  25. I got luxe and gorgeous for the holidays by simply having enough sleep and take care my skin everyday.

    A few bubble bath using Lush products are also nice.

  26. I got luxe and gorgeous for the holidays by using black and a lot of make up lol

    Daiane Negretti
    follower: Daya, muito prazer…

  27. I planned this year, shopped and baked early, bought fancy wrap and ribbons and decorated in a very Simple Elegant style with Royal Blue & Silver and Candles galour!
    My personal LUXE day…Rock Sea Salt, Raw Sugar, and Olive Oil Scrub, with lavendar esstanial oil.
    Scrub a’dub ‘dub. Felt so good after the cold winter and alligator feet! Lancomes self-tanner for a just’ a bit of Holiday Shimmer! Of, course my Chanel Mademoiselle Parfum!
    Special treat to myself to Dr. Wexler, yeah girl… you got it going on, sister Wexler.

    The MMPI.20 3-1 Serum is the secret, I could NOT BELIEVE the results. I put it on @ Body & Bath Works and shopped a bit and found the cash stash fast, faboulous, I say faboulous RESULTS!
    Santa Claus came to town and I’m worth it, every last pretty penny…shine on shine on!

    Go Welxer go, wex on, girl, wex on 😉

    Wish everyone THE…Newest New Year!

    -Ciao Chickies!

  28. I use a moisturizer each day and I make sure that my make-up is off each night before sleeping. You need to allow the skin to breath and start refreshed each day. I use the Philosophy products and they have done wonders for my skin.

  29. I got gorgeous for the holidays by making sure my skin looked natural and flawless and by picking out the perfect holiday outfit 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. I got gorgeous for the holidays by wearing lots of sparky jewelry and shimmery make-up.

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