Oatmeal Scrub: Home Beauty Product and Great Exfoliant!

Oatmeal Scrub: Home Beauty Product and Great Exfoliant!

Hello Divas!

I hope your day is going great! I know I missed my Hot Drugstore Find of the Week yesterday. Yikes! Why? I have been up for a couple of nights with a sick little luxe baby and by the time I get my day going, I am frantically trying to catch up with work. Well luxe baby is getting better and I will have more Hot Drugstore Finds next week. But today, I want to hip you fabulous ladies to a GREAT home beauty exfoliant: Oatmeal. Yes Oatmeal. I know you have probably heard the benefits of Oatmeal as an exfoliant before, but let me tell you why I love it!

1. Its organic. No added junk!
2. Oatmeal is effective to remove dead skin from face and body, but it is also very gentle..so it will not irritate your skin.
3. Its inexpensive. Considering the current economic turmoil, Divas have to be creative when budgeting. An 18 ounce can of Quaker oats retail for about $5. Not bad.
4. It is so easy to use Oatmeal as an exfoliant. Simply combine a scoop of oatmeal with just enough water to make a paste. Scrub on face or body and then rinse. You will notice that your skin is smooth but also soft. Plus it does not dry out your skin. Awesome!

Using oatmeal as an exfoliant in the winter is one of my favorite home based beauty regimens. What is yours? I would love to hear what natural home products you use!



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  1. Interesting, This is pretty much like aveeno products only difference yours more natural.

  2. great tip! thanks! 😉

  3. i did this just a while ago. very nice post!

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