Office Party Do’s and Don’ts: Do Get The Velvet Sleek Boot Cut Pant From White House

I cannot believe it is that time of year again. It seems like just last year I was giving a sequin tutorial, and here we are again, 365 days later with sequins still at the top of the holiday go to list. With all the holiday merriment and eggnog abounding, I thought I would share some tips for the upcoming office  holiday party:
1. Do wear color! There is no need to feel the need to stick to your basic black when there are so many fun jewel tones this season. If you think red and green are too cliche, try this fun brilliant gold sleeveless sequin number. You are sure to be the life of the party. The Striking Gold Dress sells for $104.99 at Modcloth.
2.If you opt for basic black, do try some funky or fun-colored tights to spice up your festive gear like these also at Modcloth. only $14.99.
3.Do stay warm. I know you want to look cute in cocktails and minis, but you can look perfectly sexy in a flirty top and warm velvet pants like these red boot cuts from White House Black Market for $ 88.00.
4. This tip courtesy of  Hubby: do NOT wear wreaths around your neck. I asked him what he meant and he said sweaters with green trim. I think he means the ugly sweaters, and though it has become quite the trend to have an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, this does not entitle you to hang on to every festive knit that your momma owned in the Eighties. If you want to stay warm and simultaneously keep it sexy, try a nice knit shirt with a sexy open back like this one from Victoria’s Secret now on sale for $59.50
5. Do NOT imbibe to the point where the holiday office party subsequently becomes a dry event. Abusing free liquor has its costs. After you hit that second, you should slow down, or better yet just stop. If you want to get sloppy, try it in the comforts of your home. My favorite festive pick for warm cozy nights at home,  Southern Comfort’s Vanilla Spice Non-alcoholic Eggnog. Simply add your own libations.
Until tomorrow,

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