Ped Egg: My Review!

Ped Egg: My Review!

Hello Divas!

I hope your Tuesday is fabulous! A couple of weeks ago I read Funkidivagirl’s post on her experience using the Ped Egg foot file. She loved it! In addition, I have consistently read rave reviews about this product so I had to try it. Last night, I gave myself a pedicure and I used the Ped Egg. When I first started using the Ped Egg I was not sure it was working. I initially expected huge amounts of dead skin to slough off immediately. But the Ped Egg does not work that way. The Ped Egg gently and methodically sloughs off dead skin. Actually, it was quite therapeutic. It took about 30 minutes to completely remove all the dead skin. When I was done my feet were baby smooth. I am in love with this product! Plus I love that the Ped Egg includes an emery buffing pad to smooth out your feet after using the foot file. How fabulous is that?!!! The Ped Egg retails for $10.00 and you can purchase it at Target or online here.


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  1. Going to try this. Saw you tweet about it. As a dude, I’m kinda obsessed with smooth baby feet when i’m in bed with a lady. I once was told rough feet on a man was a turn off and I keep my pedicure game on point.

    Signed, a secret fan of your blog… heck I may even get one of those giant apples form Nordtroms.

    🙂 See ya back on twitter.

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