Postcard from Paris: Fragonard

Postcard from Paris: Fragonard

The French certainly know how to take care of themselves. The vast array of beauty care products and fragrant parfums produced in France are testament to that fact. I had the opportunity to briefly visit the Fragonard perfume museum just off of  the Rue di Rivoli.  The Fragonard name is synonymous with French Country. Upon entering the Montmarte store, nearly a stone’s throw block from the Sacre Coeur, I was overcome by the soft flowery aroma rising from the store. You would think with that many parfums and soaps, the smell would have been overwhelming, but it was actually a pleasant and welcomed one- think fresh laundered linen wafting through an open window. I found several lovey gifts including hand soaps, sets of mini perfumes, and kitschy laundry bags. While the Fragonard stores are all over France, the perfume is actually manufactured in Grasse , a region of the country known for its lavender. Many perfumes are produced there, and after visiting the Grasse factory, Coco Chanel was inspired to create the famed Chanel No. 5. Grasse is definitely on my list of places to visit the next time I go to France.

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