Postcard from Paris: Morroccan Leather at L’Olivier

Postcard from Paris: Morroccan Leather at L’Olivier
Walking through the 4ème arr., I ran across a leather shop that caught my eye. L’Olivier is a tiny shop off of rue de Sevigne. The owner regularly imports hand-dyed and hand-made leather purses, briefcases and satchels from his native Morocco.
Smelling the freshly tanned leathers and seeing the bright colors, I was a kid in a candy store. Feeling overwhelmed and rather than buy everything I bought… nothing. I have been thinking about the unbelievably great prices (even in Euro) ever since I returned.
The basic satchels are increasingly in popularity here in the States with the growing retro Seventies trend. Just check out wheredidugetthat, they are being spotted all over New York, and famed blogger Karen can’t seem to find them in NY. I can’t help you there, but if anyone is wondering where they are in Paris, check out L’Olivier. Now, we just have to figure out where to find them in Atlanta. I will keep you posted.
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