Pro Silk Ceramic Mini-Flat Iron: For the hard to reach places!

Pro Silk Ceramic Mini-Flat Iron: For the hard to reach places!

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Recently I was given the opportunity to try Pro Silk’s Ceramic Mini-Flat Iron. As I previously reported, I try not to use a flat iron on a regular basis. However, if my blow out starts to puff out and I need to smooth the edges or if I want a little body, I will use one.

If you need to smooth out your edges or other hard to reach places to maintain your blow out, this is the perfect flat iron! The plates on this flat iron are extremely tiny; only a half of an inch in diameter. So you can smooth out edges and roots with ease. I used this iron for the first time last week before I went in for another blow out. My blow out was pretty much gone. Georgia humidity! I had a meeting to attend and the only style I could manage was an up do. I whipped out Pro Silk’s Ceramic Mini Flat Iron and smoothed out all of my edges. The heat was hot enough to get the job done quickly. In addition, the small size allowed me to get all the edges and not so straight parts with ease. After using this flat iron, I felt confident that I had a decent hairstyle. Divas I tell ya this is the perfect flat iron for smoothing and maintaining straight styles. I did attempt to create a curl with this iron and that was a no go. The iron is too small for that! LOL! But for straightening, it is genius.

Pro Silk’s Ceramic Mini-Flat Iron retails for $19.95, which is a steal! It has not hit stores just yet, but you can order by phone and have it shipped to you. The number is 1.866.434.8100.


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