Proper Undergarments!

Proper Undergarments!

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My good friend Natasha wanted me to write a post about wearing proper undergarments.  Wearing the proper undergarments is all important in making an outfit look okay versus FABULOUS!  For instance, if you are wearing a form fitting dress it is not always proper to wear a G- String.  Why?  Because you can still see the string through the dress! Not cute.  The following are some tips in wearing proper undergarments:

1. Body hugging clothing.  If wearing either of these, the proper undergarments includes seamless underwear or body shapers.  G-Strings with this type of clothing is a NO NO.  They will be visible through your clothes.

2. Thin material or see through clothing.  If wearing a dress or skirt that is see through, please wear a slip.  I know slips are not in, but I always wear a slip if I know my underwear is visible through my dress or skirt.  If you do not want to wear a slip, a body shaper is great also.

3.  Jeans or slacks.  Panty lines are never cute.  Eliminate panty lines with boy shorts underwear or spanx.  G-strings also work well with jeans or slacks.  The string should not be visible through the pants.

4.  Bras.  Bras should fit properly.  They should lift your breast and give you good posture.  Before purchasing a bra, be sure to get a proper fitting.  In addition, when wearing white or thin shirts, wear flesh tone or black bras.  No one wants to see your red lacy bra through your shirt.

5.  Holding it in.  I am of the firm belief that every woman should own a pair of Spanx.  Spanx holds in excess weight while creating a smooth canvas for your clothes to lay properly.  I am back to a size 4 and I still wear Spanx.  I still have a little baby fat on my stomach, so I do not want that jiggling around as I walk.  LOL!

I hope you Divas find this post helpful!  Do you have any more undergarments tips?


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5 Responses to “Proper Undergarments!”

  1. i’ve been meaning to try out some spanx! i hear they are wonderful…..

  2. Amen sister! Very handy tips. Just about any underwear shop should provide a bra fitting. Not only will it help you look better, you’ll be more comfortable if you buy the right size.

    Katie for Ouidad

  3. Great post! Do you wear spanx in the summer as well? It’s so hot here.

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  5. @Katie for Ouidad Thanks for visiting and commenting! Exactly! The right bra size has been a life saver for me.

    @Funkidivagirl Yes I do! It is hot, but I prefer a smooth canvas.

    @Alcnwonderlnd Best purchase you will make it a long time! Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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