Purple Is The New Black

Hello Divas!

I hope everyone is having an awesome day! I am currently obsessed with all things lavender and purple. I have always liked lavender, but now that purple is the “IT” color for fall, I finally see its Majestic fabness! I am particularly fascinated with purple accessories, coats, and shoes. Check out a few items I found over the weekend. I am so blowing my budget!

1. Mossimo Large Purple Hobo Bag. I just love this bag. I have been to Target 3x in the past week debating whether to buy it. And you know what I am! It is faux leather, but it is a great everyday bag. Also it is large enough to double as a diaper bag, which is perfect for me and my baby girl. It retails for $22.99 at Target.

2. Lavender and Pink Woven Tear Drop Earrings. These earrings are so cute! You can wear these earrings with jeans, a dress, or skirt. I have seen similar earrings that retail for $20.00. These are only $4!!! Purchase them online here at Charlotte Russe.

3. Street Poet Purple Trench. Purple trenches are so in this season. I love the cut and collar of this trench. Wear this trench and you are sure to turn heads. This trench retails for $248 at Anthropologie. You can purchase it here online or visit any Anthropologie store.

4. Ralph Lauren Purple Suede Slouch Boots. Enough Said. These boots retail for $1150. Visit RalphLauren.com for purchase information.

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  1. oh purple/lavender is my favorite color! I used to have a stunning pair of lavender suede pants – I know, hot for Atlanta but perfect for winter in NY. A real find at TJ Maxx I think. Somehow they got destroyed – I don’t remember the details. Nice to see purple is an in color this year.

  2. I am loving LUXE TIPS, especially the make up tips and cute finds like the ones featured in this post about PURPLE!!! KEEP UP THE FABULOUSNESS!!!

  3. To Renee:

    Yes girl Purple is back. You have to get something new in purple!

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