Q & A Thursdays!

Q & A Thursdays!

Hello Divas!

I hope you are living life to the fullest!

Considering I get many emails from my beautiful readers seeking advice on fashion and beauty, I have decided to have a Q&A post every other Thursday. I hope you will find these posts helpful and if you have any advice or recommendations to share please do! Also if you have any questions, you can email me at latoicha007@gmail.com or leave a question in the comment section.

Today’s question is from So Not a Fashionista.

Dear Luxe Fashionista,

Help! I could really use a fashion 411. I have been pregnant and/or nursing for three years and finally decided to rid my closet of my maternity clothes. Yippee! However, the unfortunate side is that my body is completely different than it was a few years ago, so my pre-baby clothes don’t fit my post baby/nursing body. Not only that, but I don’t think my clothes were particularly fashionable–safe choices (sweater sets and dark suits) for sure, but nothing exciting. So, can you give me some tips on staples to update my wardrobe?

Yours Truly,
So Not a Fashionista

Dear So Not a Fashionista:

I have been there myself. As a matter of fact, Luxetips was created because I too felt un-pretty and drab after having my son. I was constantly wearing jeans, a big t-shirt, and a ponytail. I felt I needed to get back to living the luxe life!

Here are my suggestions:

1. Spanx. Buy Spanx to hold it all in until you have the time or energy to work out. I wear Spanx all the time because my body will never be the same post children! LOL!

2. Wrap Dresses. They are simple, stylish and classic. I have several. You can dress them up or down with heels, flats, sandles or accessories. Plus they are designed to compliment any figure.

3. Shift Dresses. Shift dresses are great too! Since they don’t hug the body, no one can really see those areas you want to avoid. A great trend for fall is to wear a cute shift dress with colored tights and high heels or open toe booties…I saw this look all day in New York and it was too fly!

4. Great pair of Jeans. Sylish jeans are always good. You can wear a tunic over the jeans. The tunic is loose enough to hide problem areas while also being stylish.

5. Shop at at TJMAXX, Marshalls or Target to find this items for less.



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  1. Great tips. I actually purchased that black and white dress but had to return it. Let’s just that that when you move, it moves with you. So if you raise your arms, heaven and earth will be on display. So that’s something to keep in mind if you’re running around with little ones.

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