Ready for Spring! Chinese Laundry Platform Sandals at Ross

Ready for Spring! Chinese Laundry Platform Sandals at Ross

Hello Divas!

Last week was luxe baby’s birthday and I had to find her the cutest dress possible for her special day.  Her birthday was also the day she was taking class photos.  So I ventured to Ross to find a dress that was super cute and super affordable!  Ross is a great place to shop for Children’s clothes as well as Women’s shoes, clothing, and home accessories.  So I did find luxe baby the perfect Spring dress for only $6! Wowza!  However, as I was walking towards the cashier, I passed the Women’s shoe section and look what I found peeking out from the shelves:

Chinese Laundry pure fabulousness! They are about 4.5 inches, faux croc embossed and gorgeous!  Look at that beautiful cork heel!

I must admit this is the first time I have purchased platform sandlas and they are super comfy.  The padding on the platform is very cush.  It is like I am walking on little pillows!  But the best part is I only paid $20 for these shoes! $20! Can you believe it?  They are currently selling for $69 on Chinese Laundry’s website. Love it!  I tell you when Ross is a hit, it is a hit! Although you may not find these exact shoes at a Ross near you, Ross has tons of beautiful name brand designer sandals for sale. Check them out!



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  1. I am BEYOND jealous! Those shoes are simply fab!!! And $20? Seriously? That’s so awesome. I’m checking my Ross to see if I can find a pair for me!

  2. @Lollie Shopping They are insane! I love when this happens! I feel like a kid on Christmas Day!

  3. I can’t even describe how hot those shoes are!!! 😀

    -K.D. of,, &

  4. I LOVE platform shoes…they make walking in heels so much nicer. And those are cute! Yup, when you hit Ross at a good time, you can get some steals!

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