Recap: Celebrity Style Lounge

Recap: Celebrity Style Lounge

Hello Divas!

I hope your week has been lovely! I have to give your guys the scoop on the Celebrity Style Lounge Event I attended last Thursday. Unfortunately, I am having problems with my camera and cannot download the pictures. Sigh…. but lets get back to the event.

First I just have to rave about the complimentary eye brow threading services that were provided by our favorite Apothecary & Spa, Entebello. Ladies it was the BEST eye brow shaping service I have ever received. I must confess that I have been getting my eyebrows waxed at my favorite nail salon for the low low price of $7. And until two weeks ago, I really felt like I was getting over. My girlfriends were telling me they were getting their eyebrows waxed for $20, $40 dollars and I was like why? Well ladies the last time I got my eyebrows waxed, they were clearly uneven. She tried to clean them up with tweezers, but to no avail. I was not happy. So I go to the Celebrity Style Lounge and I watch Kiana, the eyebrow guru, work her magic on several ladies. I’m thinking why not try it, maybe she can even out my eyebrows. And ladies did she ever! She is absolutely fantastic! She worked her magic with the thread and then she took her time and trimmed and tweezed my eyebrows to perfection. I love her! The threading service starts at $20, and worth every penny. Ladies you absolutely must check Kiana out at Entebello. You will not be sorry! Click here to get contact information for Entebello.

I also checked out some of the cool vendors at the event. I really enjoyed shopping at Sole Journey. Sole Journey is an online shoe boutique that sells unique footwear. They have the cutest flats, heels, and thong sandals. I purchased these cute black patent leather flip flop sandals. They are the best! They are cushioned and they have a hard bottom. Essentially they are comfortable and durable, so I know they will hold up for a long time. I have purchased cute flip flops at Target and they fell apart after 6 months. Now I love Target, but I would not buy their flip flops again. They also sell this flip flop in Fuschia. They retail for only $20.00. Check them out here.

I found a new boutique that I really adore and it is called Sammy’s Place. Sammy’s Place sells the CUTEST dresses (tunics, maxi dresses, halters, etc.) and accessories. Every item is very unique, true one of a kind pieces. Visit their website here to view all of their cool clothing and accessories.

Lastly I want to commend Gifted Presence for organizing such a great event. The music was good, the crowd was hip, and the vendors were fabulous! I am so looking forward to the next event. I will keep you ladies posted!


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  1. Last time I went to my hairstylist, he waxed my brows and made a mess. I have had to use pencil to fill in spots. I feel ya, I know I am worth the extra time and dollars… especially on my face!

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  3. This sounds amazing. i wish i had gone!

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