Recap of Neiman Marcus Fashion Show

Recap of Neiman Marcus Fashion Show

Hello Divas!

I hope life is just beautiful in your world! Last Friday I attended the Neiman Marcus Fashion at Lenox Square Mall, Atlanta, GA. The people were fabulous, the models gorgeous, and the clothes from Neiman Marcus beautiful. Of course it did not hurt that they served champagne. Lol! Check out some pics from the show!

1. Me striking a pose

2. Dapper and fashionable Neiman Marcus employee!

3. Turquoise was the color of the evening! So Island Chic!

4. Killer Platforms!

5. There was also Mens’ Fashions.

6. Black Latex. Although I think Latex pants are played out, this outfit was really street chic!

This event was so much fun! Plus they gave out awesome goody bags. The bags included a silk Nicole Miller scarf, satin sleep mask (every Diva should have one), Croc hat and wristbands (these items went to luxe hubby and luxe son), and tons of coupons!

I am really looking forward to attending the next Neiman Marcus fashion show!



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6 Responses to “Recap of Neiman Marcus Fashion Show”

  1. I really agree about the Latex pants! But I always see some worn in a cute way.

  2. I need the dress you’re wearing! And I need the two men’s ensembles tailored and fit just for me. BUT I really need that yellow dress.

  3. Well, you looked looked fabulous! You should have been up there!

  4. I love your dress, it is so pretty.

  5. @MissPretty Me too! I love it, but hate it. lol!

    @RobinCaldwell Thank you! The dress is Thakoon for Target!

    @Funkidivagirl You are too sweet!

    @Renee Thakoon for Target!

  6. It’s nice to see creativity breed creativity in print the photos are so colorful and I’m really into color. The extra was when I read Nicole Miller was included in some way. Still wondering were any other designers included. Or maybe I missed something? I know there’s a Department Store but are they doing it that big?

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