Recap of World Fitness Day! Loads of Fun!

Recap of World Fitness Day! Loads of Fun!

Hello Divas!

How is your Monday?  Mine is rained out! School closing and wetness. Nice!

This past Saturday, I participated in the first ever World Fitness Day and it was soooo much fun! Really! It was a blast. 

When I arrived to the event, there was an obstacle course for participants.  Fitness experts and NFL players basically gave us, the general public, a glimpse of the type of training they engage in to get physically fit for a particular sport.  Here is the course.

I was ready to run through it, you know, since I have been running,  and just as it was my turn, they were wrapping up. Bummer!

I then ran into my good friend and blogger Renee J. Ross of Cutiebootycakes.  Renee is currently running a series on her blog where she is documenting her weight loss journey.  She is eating right and excercising daily and I nearly fell over when I saw her.  She looks AMAZING!  She has lost 40 pounds in months! Go Renee!

I then got an opportunity to take some photos and video of Jane Fonda and her celebrity fitness friends before the big work-out!  Here is Jane looking absolutely fabulous! First she is in perfect shape! I mean perfect!  Plus her outfit was just gorgeous! I still can not believe she is 72! It can’t be true!  Ms. Fonda stressed the importance of staying fit.  She stated, “it improves your mental health also.  Your memory improves, you have a more positive outlook on life….. being fit improves a person externally and internally.”  Well said Ms. Fonda!

Here is Billy Banks and as you can see he was ready to go!

The Pointer Sisters performed while participants worked out.  They also looked amazing.

I caught a glimpse of one of the sister’s shoes.  High heel pink and white athletic shoes?? A dream!  I need to find these!

Richard Simmons is larger than life and so hilarious!  He absolutely loves life! He still looks the same after all of these years.  I want a dose of what he has!

Now when I saw Debbie Allen, I did have a moment.  When I was 10 years old until I was 15, I wanted to be a dancer and Debbie Allen was my shero.  I mean I watched Fame like it was going out of style.  I also went to a performing arts school for Dance. But I digress.  She is very sweet and still dancing.  Ms. Allen has two work out DVDS, titled Salsa Downsize and Hip Hop 1 &2!

Of course we came to work out!  Here we are warming up with Ms. Fonda leading the crowd.

Its getting Serious!

The Diva Bloggers participating in World Fit Day.

Funkdivagirl, ReneJRoss, AskWifey, KrystalGrant, Execumamma, Denine of MyBrownBaby, Mami2mommy and me!

The work out was fun, the crowd had a great time working out with Jane Fonda and jamming to the Pointer Sisters and Ludacris! Yep! Luda. I missed both performances.  However, I am so looking forward to the next World Fit Day!



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  1. So glad that you came! It was a fun time!

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