Ripple of Excitement Dress at Modcloth

Ripple of Excitement Dress at Modcloth

I have made every effort to keep from getting “caught up.” You know what I mean by “caught up?” I mean, getting myself into the sticking situation that is shopaholism.  I guess if I were really making my best efforts, I would not bother going to online sites on a daily basis and making weekly stops to TJMaxx.   I just have to have a peek. You know what they say, “Curiosity killed the cat.”  I have also heard “Satisfaction brought him back,” and this little kitty has died and just about gone to heaven over the Ripple of Excitement dress. I look at Modcloth every day in order to see what is new. The site is updated several times throughout the day.  Recently, I found myself glimpsing at the Ripple of Excitement Dress, a gorgeous nude color, short-sleeved dress.  The sleeves are made of diaphanous layers of organza. The  dress is fully lined and has a side zipper. An organza sash is found at the waist and there is sexy ruching along the sides of the polyester knit. Moderately priced at $134.00, the Ripple of Excitement can be found at Modcloth.

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