Ross Run: Madden Girl Booties

Ross Run: Madden Girl Booties

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Before Christmas I made a Ross run in search of booties and some long sleeve shirts.  I was speaking at the Lavish Xperience conference and it was freezing in Atlanta.  I wanted some cute booties to keep my feet warm while also being stylish.  Well Ross NEVER disappoints and I found these beauties:

Look at the details on this boots:

How cute???

These booties are made by Steve Madden, Madden Girl.  I wear these bad boys with just about anything.  I have worn them with black lace tights and a ruffled cocktail dress.  I have also worn them with leggings, jeans and a simple black and white dress.  I love them and guess what?  They only cost $20! Woot!

Ross is always my go to store when I need to find cute, quality and affordable clothes in a hurry.  I frequent my neighborhood Ross store so much that I know the lay out well and can get in and out in about 30 minutes.

I love Ross!  Do you shop at Ross?


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  1. Those booties are Bad! And by bad I do mean good. I love Ross. I go there for everything: shoes, shirts…even picture frames. Ross never disappoints.

  2. @Hi Krystal! Yes Ross is the best! I can always relay on Ross when I am in a pinch!

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