Salon Week: Curltopia Salon in Smyrna, GA

Salon Week: Curltopia Salon in Smyrna, GA

Hello Divas!

I hope your day was filled with hope and promise!

Remember this week is Salon Week on Luxetips and today I am featuring Curltopia Salon in Symrna, Ga. Smyrna is a very nice and hip suburb of Atlanta and Curltopia is doing their thing!

I first blogged about Curltopia when they hosted a Miss Jessie’s Meet and Greet Event. I was truly impressed with the decor and the customer service. So when I was offered an opportunity to receive their Steam Hydration Treatment and Styling Service, I was super excited!

What I love about Curltopia is the decor! The salon is decorated in rich turquoise and black tones and is very spacious! Curltopia has a very comfortable “lounging at home” feeling and as soon as I entered I was instantly relaxed!

I had an appointment with the famous Taz. Taz is a legendary natural hair care stylist and does several of my friends hair! He specializes in locs and twists. Natural hair Divas swear by his services. Since I get my hair blow dried and pressed regularly, I was curious to see what he would do with my hair.

There is Taz in the background!

His assistant immediately offered me a cup of hot tea! Boy do I love good customer service! Considering it was raining that day, it was the perfect relaxing drink. She then washed my hair using Deva Curl Shampoo. Afterwards, she applied Miss Jessie’s Rapid Recovery Treatment and then placed me under a “Steam Machine” to receive a Steam Hydration Treatment. The treatment lasted about 20 minutes and once it was over and the product was rinsed out of my hair, my hair felt like pure silk. No kidding! My hair was so soft, moisturized and manageable, I could not believe it! In addition, my natural curl pattern was enhanced and I actually am considering wearing my hair in its naturally curly state! Fab!

I had to wait a long while for Taz because as I stated he is in high demand. But the employees at Curltopia made sure I was comfortable and offered more tea. Plus they also have free wi-fi! Once I was in his chair, he began to educate me on maintaining healthy natural hair and the steps I need to take to wear my natural curl pattern. He definitely knows his stuff! I learned so much during my visit. He also blow dried my hair wet and told me to make sure to use Ceramic flat irons to straighten my hair. He said it would minimize the breakage. He informed me that I needed a trim and gave me a slight trim on the ends of my hair. I was sad to see my hair go, but I know it was much needed.

Nice and Healthy Hair!

The price of a blow-out and press is between $45 and $60. Haircuts are $40, which I thought was very steep. However, If you get a press and hair cut, the cost is between $55 and $75, which is a pretty sweet deal! Locs and Twists range from $70 to $90. The hydration treatment is $25 and well worth EVERY PENNY! It is recommended that naturally curly hair Divas receive the treatment once a week.

After my styling service, I received many compliments on my hair. Although it is shorter, it is more healthy and super shiny. In addition, the Steam Hydration treatment had my hair so soft and silky all week! Divas this treatment is a must, must, must.

Curltopia is located at 3150 Highland Pkway, Suite 203, Smyrna, GA. The phone number is 770.434.5585. They also offer excellent coloring services, relaxers, and other styling services. Visit their website for more details!



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