Salon Week! Lux Salon in Grant Park

Salon Week! Lux Salon in Grant Park

Hello Divas!

I hope everyone is having an awesome week!

This week I will feature several salons I have visited in the past month! I will give my honest opinion regarding the services, prices, and customer service.

Before I ventured to New York for Fashion Week, I was offered the opportunity to receive styling services from Lux Salon in Grant Park, Atlanta, GA. I had previously blogged about Lux Salon’s “First Impressions of Style.” They were offering $10 styling services for anyone who had a job interview. Since the salon is literally in my neighborhood and offers services for ALL hair types, I was eager to check it out.

First the decor is lovely. I immediately fell in love with the color scheme, furniture, and location. Also they offered free wi-fi so it was all good! In addition, the receptionist immediately offered me a glass of wine. Lovely!

Adrienne Mitchell, the stylist I was seeing that day was extremely busy. She had several clients ahead of me. Although I had to wait a bit, I figured this was a good sign that she was a good stylist and in demand. Plus the receptionist offered me more wine, so the wait was not that bad.

Adrienne specializes in Ethnic hair and used Sebastian products on my hair. She used Sebastian penetrating shampoo and conditioner. She said these products are great for detangling naturally kinky hair. She then blow dried my hair wet. She pointed out that blow drying the hair wet minimized breakage. The hair is more elastic and will give. If you blow dry the hair after it has dried, it is less elastic and will break. Who knew?? She then flat ironed my hair with FHI ceramic platform professional flat irons.

Adrienne mentioned that she is an advocate for strong healthy hair. She recommends regular trims and minimal heat to maintain a healthy head of hair. She also recommends Nioxin recharging complex vitamins to grow healthy hair. Adrienne swears by these vitamins! She said she has noticed amazing hair growth with her clients after only two weeks of taking the vitamins. Uuummmm why am I so getting these vitamins! LOL! You can purchase a 30 or 90 count bottle of these vitamins at Lux Salon. They are in high demand and always stocked!

Adrienne charges on average $65 for a blow out and press and $45 for a cut and trim. I must admit the cut and trim is a bit steep for me. My stylist only charges $20, but I was very pleased with my hair. As a matter of fact, I left the next day for NY Fashion Week and my hair pretty much looked like this the entire time I was there. Fab!

Lux Salon is located at 452 A Cherokee Ave, Atlanta, GA 30312 in Historic Grant Park. However, October 1 they are moving to their new location only a few blocks away at The JANE”(next to Six Feet Under on Memorial Drive),318 Cherokee Avenue Suite 108, Atlanta, Ga 3031,(404)222.0244.

Come back tomorrow to read my review of Curltopia Salon! They have an insane intense hair treatment that I have to share!


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  1. Hmm..I have to try the Sebastian products on my daughter’s hair…where can I buy them?

    I’m looking forward to your Curltopia review as I have on my “to do list” to get my locks done there by Tas (per Mocha Mom Tammy’s recommendation).

  2. @Funkidivagirl Hello! You can purchase them from Lux Salon.

    Tas actually did my hair while I was there! I did see him do some locks and they looked fab!

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