SCAD Style: Fred Castelberry of Unabashedly Prep

On Tuesday evening, I had the opportunity to attend another lecture in the “SCAD Style Series” given by Fred Castleberry, the author of the blog, “Unabashedly Prep.”
Castleberry was smartly garbed in a single breast herringbone sports coat with a patchwork plaid pocket square tucked in the left breast pocket. Castleberry’s outfit also included: tortoise framed glasses, custom denim, and cognac Sid Mashburn loafers. For lack of a better phrase, he was “unabashedly prep[py].”
Castleberry, who left his finance background to pursue photography, imparted several lessons which he found to be helpful to succeed in the fashion business. The first of these lessons: do what you like. If you are trying to figure out what you like, listen to feedback that you receive from others. Chances are, those people you spend time with notice your habits, weaknesses, and/or strengths. Castleberry also stated that sometimes what you are good at finds you. In order to figure out what you are good at, Castleberry believes it is necessary to listen to your instincts.
Castleberry shared the three most important lessons that were essential to success in Fashion Industry:
1.      Passion– you will not be able to withstand challenges if you do not have stamina which is  derived from a genuine passion for what you do.
2.       Great work– many people have passion for the work they do, but not necessarily a product of a proportionate level. Passion is futile without quality work.
3.      A nice personality –one of the most important but often forgotten lessons.
Similar to Castleberry, I was a professional fighting my creative side. Part of my fear in delving into my passion was the fact that I spent countless hours and dollars learning something other than the thing that made me happiest. The best advice Castleberry shared was to do what you like even if you have learn how to do after you have started If you are not sure what you like, it may be a side hobby. Castleberry said do not neglect side hobbies. Side hobbies are important because they are fueled by passion, and the thing that you are most passionate about is probably the thing that you should be doing.
Get specific and get deep Do not waste time discussing things that are not relevant to your end goal. In order to get specific do not get so attached to your product that you cannot make edits.  Cutting down is a means to getting deep.  “In this day and information overload” it is very easy to lose sight of your calling, Castleberry says. “Stick to what you know and what is relevant.”

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  1. I noticed he was on the scene to speak today. Had I known I would have gone. I really like his blog.

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  2. @Mr Goodwill Hunting Thanks for commenting! My style editor loves his blog and she hipped me to it. I hope all is well with you!

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