South Moon Under: Monogram is back!

South Moon Under: Monogram is back!

Hello Divas!
Don’t waste time worrying about life.  Remain faithful and everything always works out!
Chamele loves monograms.  I have not been a fan myself, but these are Classic. How do you feel about monograms?
Day 21
I love monograms! My mother always made me feel as though my name was special. She would have oxford shirts monogrammed at the local JCPenney for my sister and I to wear to school. Even now, my sheets, towels and throw pillows are monogrammed.  However, I never had the pleasure of owning any monogrammed jewelry. Not even in the Eighties when a trip to local flea market could result in a gaudy gold-plated necklace.
Sex and the City’s character Carrie made the Eighties trend ever more popular, and the show’s sixth season saw Carrie searching for her necklace and herself. In a sense the necklace was a reminder to Carrie to stay true to herself. You may not need to wear your name on your chest to remind you of who you are, but monograms are simply fun to wear. 
South Moon Under, a favorite online spot, offers a great range of  monogrammed jewelry by Jennifer Zeuner.  Some of her notable pieces include:  a gold plated bangle for $75.00, a cursive Carrie-esque gold vermeil necklace for $143.00,  and a swirly initial necklace $176.00. My only complaint is that it takes four to six weeks for processing. (Sad face) Nevertheless, just in time for Christmas.

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