Summer Beautiful Skin!

Summer Beautiful Skin!

Long time no hear!!!! Here is a quick update: I had a baby girl, Sydney, and she is gorgeous! So I have been very busy. However, during this time, I have found some GREAT products and awesome thrift stores and boutiques. Yeah! Keep reading the blog and enjoy!

RX for Brown Skin. Ladies I heart this new skin care line. Nationally renowed dermatologist and skin care expert, Dr. Susan Taylor created this skin care line for women of color (African-American, Latin, Indian, and Asian Women). RX for Brown Skin comes in three different skin care collections:

Bright and Healthy Collection for normal, dry or sensitive brown skin.

Bright and Clear Collection for acne prone, oily, combination or problem skin.

The Bright and Even Collection for dull, uneven, mature or hyperpigmented brown skin.

I personally have been using the Bright and Even Collection and my skin feels and looks awesome. I noticed results within 2-3 weeks. I started using this product in December and I am hooked! Dr. Taylor formulated the line with natural skincare remedies such as soy, pomegranate, and hyaluonic Acid, a substance found in human skin that locks in water.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, the price point is just fab! Cleansers are $21, toners are $18, and moisturizers are $32.

You can purchase these products online here or at Sephora stores or


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