The Unsung Sung at TJMaxx

The Unsung Sung at TJMaxx
I found a number of items at TJMaxx after my Lent stint. I found a small size cologne in Men’s Fragrances, Sung by Alfred Sung, I thought I would get it as a surprise for Hubby. Hubby immediately put it on before going to work and thankfully but inquisitively stated that the smell was “interesting.” Immediately I asked, “Does it smell feminine?” Not having smelled it myself, I had taken a chance on the purchase.”interesting,” could only mean one thing, it smelled feminine. The cologne was only $9.99 and Alfred Sung is Alfred Sung. Geez. I sniffed the bottle. It was definitely “interesting.” I sighed.I had good intentions.  It smelled great but not for Hubby. I did some research and …. that was definitely the women’s fragrance. It just happened to be in the wrong section, but don’t tell Hubby. Oh well, I just scored a wonderful fragrance for myself.Sung by Alfred Sung at TJMaxx.
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